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blogs and weblogs and blogging, oh my

What is a weblog? Put simply, a weblog (often called a blog) is a type of online diary. With that said, blogging has evolved making it difficult to fix a static definition on it. Blogging is a free, organic collaboration of ideas and information consisting of news, photo albums, opinions, FAQs, portfolios, etc. blogs are powered by Tucows Blogware, the next generation of blog software.

Easy To Share

ihateclowns weblogs allows you to easily share pictures, video, links, stories, opinions, newsletters on the internet with your friends, family and colleagues via email, the web or your even your cellullar phone. Now, you can have a website without being a webmaster.

Easy To Use

ihateclowns weblogs are simple. There is no HTML to learn, no new software to download and install and best of all, no need to learn how to use FTP, CGI or other confusing webmaster tools.

Cool Webnames to Choose From

Only at can you choose from the coolest anti-clown blognames like: or yourname.CLOWNOPHOBIA.COM or and of course, yourname.IHATECLOWNS.NET.

Secure Photo Albums

ihateclowns weblogs let you quickly and easily create secure online photo albums injust seconds. Even better, you can use your ihateclowns weblog photo albums to share pictures with your friends and family direct from your cameraphone. ihateclowns weblogs are extremely user friendly and will even let you share links to your favorite websites with everyone you know with one easy mouse-click.

Security and Privacy

ihateclowns users value their security and privacy. ihateclowns weblogs makes sure that it is protected. We make it easy for you to keep your private stories, important journal entries and other sensitive details safe from prying eyes and out of the hands of the wrong people. ihateclowns weblogs are completely secure. You must specifically give other users explicit permission to view sensitive or confidential information, private pictures or exclusive artwork. You can use ihateclowns weblogs to keep your digital photos off the public internet by putting them in a private area that only your friends have access to.

Want to share pics with your friends but don't want others to see? ihateclowns weblogs allow you to safeguard specific categories from prying eyes with a sophisticated, yet easy to use authentication and encryption tool that makes sure that only the users you've selected can view your private data. ihateclowns weblogs will even allow you to ban undesirable users in three easy steps.

Sample Blog

Want to see an ihateclowns weblog in action? I use it myself!

You can view my most recent blog entries below or you can view the full weblog at I have added some customizations to make the weblog match the look of You don't have to know how to design a webpage to use the blogs, though. They come with over 20 free templates for you to use. You can change the look of your site with just a few clicks!

Pricing - 30 Day Free Trial

Some sites may ask you to pay over $10 a month for all the features you get with an ihateclowns weblog. We offer a 30 Day Free Trial after which you can easily upgrade to either one of our affordable monthly plans:

ihcBASIC only $5.95 per month
1 Gigabyte of storage for your text and photos. 1 Full Gigabyte of bandwidth allowance per month. A perfect weblog for expressing yourself and sharing photos with friends and family. You can even create a full featured online journal. Regularly $6.95 per month. If you signup before March 1, 2004, you qualify for our introductory price of just $5.95 per month.
ihcPREMIUM only $8.95 per month
2 Gigabytes of storage for your text and photos. 2 Full Gigabytles of bandwith allowance per month. For those power bloggers out there. Need that extra amount of disk space or have a really popular blog?  This is the account for you. Regular Price $9.95 per month. If you order before March 1, 2004, you qualify for our introductory price of just $8.95 per month.
Get your free trial blog today! Free 30 day trial limited to 5 MB storage, 5 MB bandwidth and 5 posts per day. Easy upgrades to an ihcBASIC or an ihcPREMIUM account are available during or at the end of the trial period.

Most Recent Blog Entries

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